Bruuzer wad experience on Texel!
I tried to book, but my payment is not successful, what can I do?

Call us! We will ensure that you receive a payment link and reserve your tickets for you.

From how many people does the boat depart?

We can sail from a minimum of 6 people.

How many people can participate at most?

A maximum of 12 people can participate.

Can we sail with more than 12 people?

Yes, that works if we combine it with our other boats, email or call us if you want more information.

Do you sail when the weather is bad?

Yes, you can dress well against rain and wind, but if it storms too hard, you will always be contacted in time.

Do you have rain gear?

Yes, you can get a rain overall from us, it is waterproof and we have it from size S to 5XL
You will receive clothing from us, we do not charge anything extra for this.