Bruuzer wad experience on Texel!

What does a Wad experience on Texel look like?

From our home port of Oudeschild you sail with the Bruuzer powerboat along the south coast of Wadden Island Texel, across the beautiful Wadden Sea towards the North Sea. An impressive boat trip that you will remember for a long time. Look around you carefully, because there are many seals living around the Wadden Islands. During the Wadden Sea experience boat trip, the chance of spotting seals is very high!

Is this boat trip only for daredevils?

Our powerboat naturally provides power and a nice adrenaline kick! However, a boat trip with Bruuzer is certainly not just for daredevils. This Texel mudflat experience is very accessible and suitable for young and old. Sometimes someone comes on board with healthy tension, but afterwards they too are happy, enthusiastic and have a unique experience richer.

In addition, safety is of course paramount. The powerboat is sailed by an experienced and qualified skipper. Before we start the boat trip, everyone receives a life jacket and depending on the weather, rain overalls are available, so that you can land dry on Texel afterwards.

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What you can expect

Suitable for young and old

Certified skipper

The tour takes 60 minutes

Rain overalls

Wild waves

Comfortable suspension seats

Atmosphere impression Bruuzer powerboat

Will you soon enjoy a spectacular boat trip while you can view seals in the wild up close?


Ready for a fast-paced water adventure? We have the perfect boat for you! Discover the Bruuzer and Breker with which we sail every day to offer you an unforgettable experience on the Texel mudflats.

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What others say

Very cool to cross the sea at this speed. Saw many seals. Good materials for sailing in all weather conditions.

Henkjan Metz

Super experience on the water, we had calm seas so less intense sailing, but the driver of the boat looked for the waves to do a little stunt. Seals came very close.

Nado Gangemi

Yesterday we sailed on the Bruuzer with our 2 daughters (9 and 10 years old). We think it’s very cool! Spotted several seals and sailed quickly over the waves. A waterproof suit and life jacket were also provided. Captain was very friendly.

Patrick Donkersloot

Enjoyed this boat trip to the Razende Bol with a beautiful fast boat. Enthusiastic captain who has talked a lot about the dynamics of the ever-changing Razende Sphere. Can see many seals. Well worth the money for the cruise!


Highly recommended if you are on Texel. Not expensive and well worth the money. Hour-long cruise including spotting seals and the harbor of Den Helder. A spectacular experience

Henk Bos

At high speed from Oudeschild towards Den Helder and then sail around the Razende Bol, where you will see seals. 2 experiences in 1, at high speed over the Wadden Sea and North Sea and seeing seals, definitely recommended!!

Richard Tromp

Ready for adventure?

Ready for adventure?